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How they work:

We're still in progress of making our website and adding new things and features. So we're kindly asking you to apply for staff in forums under General Discussion. A comment will be left by a staff member within 24 hours of posting. A final decision will be made, expect an answer in the next two days

What rank do you get?

Starting off, you'll obviously get Helper. As you do your job and get noticed by the owner(s) and other staff members then you'll have a higher chance of getting promoted


This was just a simple message telling you about Helper applications and how they're going to work if accepted. On the other hand, if you want to apply for YouTuber, there is a YouTube application format which you need to meet all the requirements and layout the application exactly as shown in the format. That's the same with Helper. It needs to be neat and laid out exactly as shown. Thanks!

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